Jan Dismas Zelenka,  baroque composer:
born Lounovice 1679, died Dresden 1745.




Instrumental works

Capriccio in D major (ZWV 182; c.1717)

Capriccio in G major (ZWV 183; 1718)

Capriccio in F major (ZWV 184; c.1718)

Capriccio in A major (ZWV 185; 1718)

Six Sonatas, in F major, G minor, B flat major, G minor, F major, and C minor, respectively (ZWV 181; c.1720-1722)

Concerto 8 Concertanti in G major (ZWV 186; 1723)

Hipocondrie 7 Concertanti in A major (ZWV 187; 1723)

Ouverture 7 Concertanti in F major (ZWV 188; 1723)

Simphonie 8 Concertanti in A minor (ZWV 189; 1723)

Capriccio in G major (ZWV 190; 1729)

Vocal works

Lamentationes pro Hebdomada Sancta (ZWV 53; 1722)

Responsoria pro Hebdomada Sancta (ZWV 55; 1723?)

Sub olea pacis: Melodrama de Sancto Wenceslao (ZWV 175; 1723)

Magnificat in D major (ZWV 108; 1725)

Dixit Dominus in A minor (ZWV 66; c.1725)

Dixit Dominus in D major (ZWV 68; 1726)

Missa Paschalis in D major (ZWV 7; 1726)

Litaniae Xaverianae (ZWV 155; 1727)

Missa Circumcisionis D.N.J.C. in D major (ZWV 11; 1728)

Confitebor tibi Domine in C minor (ZWV 71; 1729)

Laudate pueri (ZWV 81; c.1729)

Missa 'Gratias agimus tibi' in D major (ZWV 13; 1730)

Il Serpente del bronzo (Oratorio) (ZWV 61; 1730)

Requiem in D minor (ZWV 48; c.1730-1732)

Te Deum a due cori in D major (ZWV 146; 1731)

Missa Purificationis (ZWV 16; 1733)

Requiem in D (ZWV 46; 1733)

Invitatorium, Lectiones et Responsoria (ZWV 47; 1733)

Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum in A minor (ZWV 153; c.1735)

Gesu al Calvario (Oratorio) (ZWV 62; 1735)

I penitenti al Sepolchro del Redentore (Oratorio) (ZWV 63; 1736)

Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis in A minor (ZWV 17; 1736)

Serenata "Il Diamante" (ZWV 177; 1737)

Miserere in C minor (ZWV 57; 1738)

Missa Votiva in E minor (ZWV 18; 1739)

Missa Dei Patris (Missa ultimarum prima) in C major (ZWV 19; 1740)

Missa Dei Filii (Missa ultimarum secunda) in C major (Possibly unfinished - has Kyrie and Gloria only) (ZWV 20; c.1740)

Litaniae Lauretanae 'Salus infirmorum' in F major (ZWV 152; 1741)

Missa Omnium Sanctorum (Missa ultimarum sexta et forte omnium ultima) in A minor (ZWV 21; 1741)

Litaniae Lauretanae 'Consolatrix afflictorum' in G major (ZWV 151; 1744, or possibly 1741)

Requiem in C minor (ZWV 45; Attributed to Zelenka. Earliest dated copy: Prague 1763)

This is a guide to some of the better-known works of
J.D. Zelenka. All works have been recorded at least once, and all of the instrumental works have been recorded several times.

The instrumental and vocal works are listed separately according to date of composition.

Any further suggestions for works to include here will be very welcome.

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