View Full Version : Premiere performance of ZWV 191 canons? Dec 2016, Bern, Switzerland.

17-08-2016, 11:07 PM
This is quite far away, but it caught my eye because it includes Zelenka's 9 canons on the hexachord, ZWV 191. These are very short pieces meant for study of canon-writing, with each one having 2 voices at a different interval. The instruments aren't mentioned, so it would be interesting to know how Les Passions de l'Ame, Orchester für Alte Musik Bern will interpret it:


I experimented with ZWV 191 last year and discovered that they can be played on keyboard, albeit with some trouble in a couple of them (especially the one in unison). Here is a video I recorded (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3ZJ8a6tfRA). Here's the ISMLP score (http://imslp.org/wiki/9_Canons,_ZWV_191_(Zelenka,_Jan_Dismas)). I'm very sure it will sound a lot nicer with three stringed instruments, or an organ (with a better keyboardist than myself ;) ).