View Full Version : New Hengelbrock recording of ZWV 57

28-09-2009, 08:22 PM
In a few days, a new issue from Deutsche Harmonia Mundi will be released. It is Thomas Hengelbrock's group performing a Lotti mass and Zelenka's Miserere (ZWV 57).

08-10-2009, 11:53 PM

I've had this cd on the shelfs of my shop now for a few weeks and it's turning out to be very popular with the customers who all comment on the same thing - the quality of the choir, one of the finest in all of Europe.

Hengelbrock performs the opening of the Miserere in the same spirit as Rademann, Dombrecht and Adam Viktora on earlier occasions, with a frantic, aggressive tempo even though Zelenka clearly wrote Adagio. This has its charm but I do prefer Hermann Max's slower, merciless and frankly, terrifying version which is almost a minute slower. Max's version of the Miserere is the ideal one in my opinion, Hengelbrock is also a bit to fast in the Gloria Patri.

But the real magic is in the Lotti Mass which easily surpasses the old US recording on Centaur. What a master! Highly recommended.