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25-10-2009, 06:25 PM
OK, this was Andrew Hinds' idea but I think it's time. More than 200 Zelenka CDs must have been produced. Would forum members like to list their top 10 Zelenka CDs, starting with their very best as number 1?

The title of the CD, the performers and the name of the label should be enough for each entry.

26-10-2009, 04:25 AM
Alright paperMoon, throw a big enough hook and I'll bite every time, or is it rope to hang myself with. The reader can determine for themselves.
I assume that sets of cd's will count as just 1 cd. If you don't mind too much I thought it best to modify your rules just a little bit because I found it so difficult to get my selections down to a mere 10. So, Im also going to list my last 3 contenders that just missed selection. I must say though, that even though some very fine cd,s do not make that list either, they are still very fine cd's.
Here goes:

1) Lamentations of Jeremiah. Chandos baroque players. Helios.
2) Missa dei filli, Litaniae Lauritanae. Bernius. Harmonia mundi.
3) Holy week responses. Lumen Valo. Alba.
4) Te deum + Heinichen Mass #9. Rademann. Carus
5) Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatas. Stryncl. Studio matous.
6) Missa Purificationis. Inegal ensemble. Nibiru.
7) Requiem in D minor, Miserere. Valek. Supraphon.
8) Missa dei patris. Guttler. Berlin classics.
9) Il Serpente de Bronzo. Inegal ensemble. Nibiru.
10) Trio Sonatas. Dombrecht, Boyd, et al. Accent.

Honorable mentions.

1) Missa Votiva. Luks
2) Complete orchestral works. Sonnentheil. CPO.
3) The penitants at the tomb of the redeemer. Hugo. Supraphon.

Slightly off topic, but something Johannes (djdresden) mentioned. He said that Hana Blazikova is his favourite Zelenka singer. She is also my favourite Zelenka singer, and since she is so young and so prolific we should have many a treat coming in the future from this delightful talent.
Just in case anybody missed the Vojta cd (which I heartily recommend) there was a stunning duet (over 14 minutes) with Hana Blazikova as truth and Michael Pospisil (yet another great Zelenka singer) as deceit. This is quite a performance, but then again the whole cd is terrific.
Okay, that's my picks for better or worse.
Please send all of your criticisms to my wife.