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22-03-2007, 04:59 AM
We have an interesting online concert coming up next Sunday, 25th of March, a unique chance to hear the music of Zelenka's student and copyist, Johann Gottlob Harrer (1703-1755).

Harrer, a vital piece in the Zelenka puzzle, is an important link for the distribution of Zelenka's music outside of Dresden. When he passed away his musical library was sold to the Breitkopf firm who then offered it for sale in their famous catalogues, including a number of Zelenka's works which Harrer had copied in his years in Dresden as a Kapellmeister of Count Brühl and as an assistance to Zelenka. A recent book on Harrer gives a good impression on their working relationship and the way they collaborated, f.e. on Harrer's Mass (1735) which Zelenka entered in his Inventory.

Harrer's Miserere is one of the most extraordinary manuscripts in the Dresden library. Not only is the final fugue composed by Zelenka, it also has tempo assignments by Hasse who very rarely directed works by other composers during his time in Dresden. It must have been quite a work! Harrer also copied many of the works in Zelenka's library.

Harrer's La Passione del Nostro Signore, which we can hear on Sunday, was performed in Leipzig sometime between 1751-55 after he had succeded Bach as Thomaskantor and "brought todays brilliant Gusto of music" to Leipzig. La Passione..., the great Metastasio text which has been an inspiration to so many composers, is translated into German, probably by Harrer himself.

So let's tune in: