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Josef Sebek
14-05-2007, 12:48 AM
this is my first message in this forum; I wrote Mr. Alistair Kidd about a recording not mentioned in his list (unfortunately it was not in public distribution and could not be listed) some months ago and I promised to write in this forum about some interesting Zelenkian events in the Czech Lands (I´m Prague born).
This time is here, because there is an eminent performance - of Zelenka´s marvellous Missa votiva on The Prague Spring on the 22th May in the Rudolfinum Hall in Prague. Young conductor Václav Luks is performing with his ensemble Collegium 1704 (he recorded a CD of Zelenka´s music) and some mostly Czech young soloists (see http://festival.cz/program.php?id_program=84&akce=prehled&typ=vse&hodnota=vse&menu=1). Together with Missa votiva Zelenka´s psalm „In exitu Israel“, ZWV 83 and W. F. Bach´s Adagio and Fugue d moll, WK 65 will be performed. Tickets are still available. I will write down something about my impressions from this performance.
Another important event is of course Jaroslav Smolka´s book about Zelenka, which has been mentioned in these forums. I´ve bought it, but could not find time to read it (and compare it with Stockigt´s book).
And two other good news for lovers of the old music - in Prague´s Theatre of the Estates (it´s a part of National Theatre) two remarkable premieres.
In the end of 2006 it was La clemenza di Tito, conducted by Alessandro de Marchi, set by Ursel Herrmann and Karl Ernst Herrmann. This production was higly acclaimed by critics and won many important Czech theatre prizes (Prize of critics for the best theatre production and Kate Aldrich won prize for the best actress(!) etc.). It is perfect both musically (the first as well as the second cast) and theatrically. La clemenza had its world premiere in the Theatre of the Estates in 1791 (Don Giovanni was premiered there too).
The second production is Monteverdi´s Orfeo with Roberto Gini, Ensemble Concerto and many good Italian and Czech soloists (Vincenzo di Donato, Petra Noskaiova...). More at http://www.narodnidivadlo.cz/.
I recommend these productions to every Prague´s music loving visitor.
But now I´m looking forvard to Zelenka´s Missa votiva, which is undobtedly audacios dramaturgy of the creator´s of the Prague Spring´s programme. (I´m also looking forvard to Camerata Bern and Holliger with Bach and Bartók).
With many greetings from Mělník
Josef Šebek