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30-03-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi all,

Yes, it's rather quiet on the forum, isn't it? Well, for those interested (I didn't see it mentioned earlier around here): Dombrecht and Il Fondamento will give a concert containing the Requiem ZWV 48, the De profundis and Miserere in Prague, May 16, and in Dresden, July 26, in the Frauenkirche. It seems to be the only Zelenka concert in Dresden this year. Pity. Still, better than no Zelenka at all in Dresden this year!

I visited Dombrechts concert in Antwerp a week ago. It wasn't spectacular, rather sloppy in the details and dynamics, yet it was a thrill to hear the De profundis live. Those three dark basses opening the psalm: really impressive!

By the way: on the Dutch ebay (www.marktplaats.nl) a retailer sells (new!) copies of the performance of the Missa circumcisionis by the Thurgauer Barockensemble. I bought it myself. I really don't know how he got his hands on this rare cd, but if you're interested: have a look.

Best wishes,

04-04-2008, 01:51 AM
How does this recording compare with the other one of this mass?(which is not a great performance in my opinion)
Does this group use period instruments?

04-04-2008, 01:48 PM
Hi Scott,

This is a wonderful recording, albeit on modern instruments. One can hear by listening only once that there is an atmosphere of having discovered something new and really big. The sound (originally analogue) is first class. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a good performance.

Regards, A.