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21-10-2015, 04:21 AM
Hello fellow Zelenka lovers!

Thanks to my efforts, my choir director remains interested in using the music of Zelenka in various worship situations. He has expressed interest in two of the Litanies of Loretto, ZWV 151 and 152. It would save me much time and aggravation if one of our experts could inform me if choral and orchestra parts are available for either of these works. Please, none of the original manuscripts. I've tried to decipher Zelenka's handwriting and I am willing to leave that to the experts!

Thank you so much!


21-10-2015, 10:30 AM

You are in luck, there are scores and vocal scores available for both on this edition:



The vocal/choral scores are on sale on multiple sites. As for the full score, it might take some more digging around.
The ZWV 151 is together with ZWV20 Missa Dei Filii in a full score edition 'EBSON 305'. On multiple European online stores it costs €159.00. I do not know if it's available on American sites.

Although there are these: http://www.musicsalesclassical.com/composer/work/2541/34662

I am no expert about the content of the scores themselves, but I hope that helps!

Sebastian :)