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  1. Re: Which Zelenka pieces still need to be recorded?

    I'm very curious which setting of Litaniae Lauretanae Ensemble Inégal will be recording along with ZWV 4. Anyone have any insider information? We can rule out ZWV 151 'Consolatrix afflictorum',...
  2. Re: Performance of ZWV 14 by Kammerchor and Barockorchester Stuttgart / Frieder Berni

    On the Carus website if you click on Inhalt >Anzeigen it reveals the couplings to be the De profundis in d, and In exitu Israel in g.
  3. Re: Zelenka-related sites to see in Dresden and Prague

    Thanks Seb for your excellent reply and suggestions.
    In fact, looking back it was your original post about the Prague performance of Gesu al Calvario that planted the seed in my mind to make the...
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    Is anyone else here attending this tomorrow? It might be fun to meet up.
    It should be fantastic! See Ensemble Inegale's facebook page for a clip of them rehearsing 'Si crocifigga' without choir. ...
  5. Zelenka-related sites to see in Dresden and Prague

    I am very pleased and excited to be visiting both Dresden and Prague for the first time next month :D, and am making a list of locations to visit that are related to Zelenka. So far I have:
  6. Arias for Domenico Annibali, the Dresden Star Castrato

    This recording should be of interest, not just for the one Zelenka aria, 'Già ripiglia vermiglia la rosa' from Il Serpente del Bronzo.
    Featuring countertenor Flavio Ferri-Benedetti and Basel-based...
  7. 6 Lamentations ZWV 53 recorded by Collegium Marianum

    It looks like we have a new high quality recording of Zelenka's masterful Lamentations ZWV 53 to look forward to in September, by
    Jana Semerádová's Collegium Marianum. The soloists are Damien...
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    Missa Paschalis & Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum

    Just received an email from Mr. Janeček at Nibiru that this recording is now officially released.

    Jan Dismas Zelenka

    Missa Paschalis ZWV 7
    Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum ZWV 153

    Cyril Auvity -...
  9. New recording of ZWV 184 w/ Berliner Barock Solisten

    Just noticed, the Berliner Barock Solisten are releasing a new recording of the Capriccio No. 3, along with some Telemann orchestral works, by on the Phil.harmonie label....
  10. Tafelmusik to perform Missa Votiva, Oct 14-20/11

    ..along with Bach's motet Singet dem Herrn, one of his greatest masterpieces IMO.

    Missa Votiva has really emerged as quite the 'hit'...
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    Recording of Ristori's Divoti Affetti by Echo du Danube

    I know this is an old thread but it is worth mentioning that there is a new recording on Accent of Ristori's Divoti affetti alla Passione di Nostro Signore, with Echo du Danube, Dorothea Mields et...
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    Sonatas 4-6 recorded by Pasticcio Barocco

    There is a new disc of Trio Sonatas in the works this month:

    Pasticcio Barocco
    Label-Hérisson 005
    ZELENKA Sonates N° 4,5 et 6 pour 2 hautbois, basson et continuo
    David Walter et Hélène Gueuret...
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    Re: Missa Sancti Josephi (ZWV 14) to be recorded

    I received a message from the same TomᚠJaneček today that the new recording is now published.
    Just in time for Christmas, the perfect gift for every Zelenka lover in your household! ;)
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    Happy Birthday Zelenka!

    Today is the 331st anniversary of the Master's birth.
    Does anybody have any 'rituals' for this day?
  15. Thread: Requiem 1733

    by Derek

    Re: Requiem 1733

    Please tell me they will release a commercial recording of this brilliant work!
    Any word?
    Also, who were the soloists?

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    Re: Missa Votiva recording by Frieder Bernius

    See this extremely positive review of this recording by David Vernier of classics today:

    I am especially pleased with his glowing...
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    Really Johannes, perhaps you could put in a little thought and research into subjects before you post here. ;)
    (Please forgive my sarcastic humour. You are amazing! Thank you for providing...
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    Serenata ZWV 177 to be recorded

    Good news! I have received word from Nibiru that a recording of the Serenata ZWV 177 is forthcoming later this year. :)
    Conductor Adam Viktora
    Ensemble Inegal
    Prague Baroque Soloists...
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    Tafelmusik to perform Missa Sancta Caeciliae

    On Mar 12-15, 2009 Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Chorus will be performing ZWV 1 four times in Toronto:

    This should be...
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    By the way, here is confirmation of what Peter...

    By the way, here is confirmation of what Peter had mentioned in another thread: Bernius is recording the Missa Votiva, today and the next couple of days in fact, in Switzerland, following their...
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    I don't have the disc, but it appears this was...

    I don't have the disc, but it appears this was originally released by DHM in 1990 under the title Baroque Christmas Music - Natus est Jesus
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    I believe I have the disk you're looking at. ...

    I believe I have the disk you're looking at. Mine has a Renaissance painting "Beweinung Christi" on the cover. It has a copyright date of 1996, and the catalogue # is 10557. I wasn't aware that...
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    Recording of ZWV 153, 81, etc

    Here is a Zelenka recording of whose existence I was unaware, released last August apparently.

    Czech Sacred Music of the Baroque Ages
    Lukas Hurnik (Conductor), Gaudium Pragense, Kopecka,...
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    This is very likely the recording of Sub Olea...

    This is very likely the recording of Sub Olea Pacis, ZWV 175, led by Marek Stryncl, which includes the Ensemble Philidor. I guess this is a data entry error or something on the part of Amazon. The...
  25. Bernius/Kammerchor Stuttgart to perform Missa Votiva

    On May 4th & 6th, 2007 Frieder Bernius and the Kammerchor & Barockorchester Stuttgart will be performing the Missa Votiva, along with Bach's Motet Jesu, meine Freude. Two sacred baroque choral...
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