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  1. Re: Handel's Largo

    This could be an interesting topic. Was Handel in Dresden in the 1730s? Did Quantz or Hasse, when they traveled to London, bring with them copies of some of Zelenka's masses? That's unlikely though...
  2. Re: "Musicologist makes breakthrough while researching 18th century composer"

    Thanks for pointing this out! It does look like a special issue in Janice Stockigt's honor. I've read the Miserere paper and learned about some old Italian masters whom Zelenka and Fux apparently...
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    Prague Spring 2020 / Collegium 1704

    Hi all,

    I am sure everyone knows about the annual Prague Spring Festival. The 2020 is full of wonderful music, as usual with this event, and also features a Collegium 1704 performance of the...
  4. Re: ZWV 191 9 Canons on the hexachord - Played on Electric Guitar (!)

    What a find! If anything, this reminds me of Francesco Da Milano's ricercars for lute.
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    Prague Spring 2017 (ZWV 62)

    This festival looks pretty good. May 15 Ensemble Inegal performs Zelenka's oratorio at a major venue in prime time. (Three years ago they performed Il Serpente di Bronzo at a relatively obscure...
  6. Re: Damian Thompson refers to Zelenka again (briefly) in the Spectator online

    Do you mean J. Haydn?
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    ZWV18 Kyrie and Buffardin's concerto a 5

    Has anyone noticed that there is a clear similarity between Kyrie's 2nd theme and the beginning of the 1st movement of Buffardin's concerto a 5? ...
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