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  1. Re: Lully's Trios des operas on Zelenka's Library

    and the second image:

  2. Lully's Trios des operas on Zelenka's Library

    A Dutch commercial edition of instrumental music arranged from Lully had beed edited in Amsterdam 1690. (2 deliveries, 3 volumes each: 1er dessus, 2nd dessus, basse).

    In the two bass parts we can...
  3. Brandenburg #6 arranged as Triosonata for Oboes

    Dear Group,

    I supose that, among the Zelenka 'fans', we can find a lot of oboe players.

    I arranged the Brandenburg Concerto nº6 (orig. for 2 viole da braccio, due viole da gamba, violoncello e...
  4. Replies

    Zelenka, Selencka, as Bassist

    The SLUB contains an interesting set of parts corresponding to an instrumental selection from André Campra's "L'Europe Galante".

    It contains just one part for all the 'not-bass' instruments (vls,...
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