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  1. Thread: Musica Aeterna

    by Xanaseb

    Re: Musica Aeterna


    Yes, very much agreed! Thanks for sharing. Orliński packs a punch. Zelenka's more galante style is conveyed with great energy and lightness by Il Pomo D'oro (The Tomato! :cool:)

  2. Re: Youtube playlist of approximately 200 score-videos, typeset and original manuscri

    Hello Jamie, many thanks for this! Your videos will prove very valuable in studying Zelenka. Welcome to the forums - let's hope we can revive it somewhat
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    Miserere ZWV56 by Collegium 1704

    Please check out this newest performance by the Czech ensemble, of the *other* Miserere, ZWV56 in D minor from 1722 (not the famous ZWV57 in...
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    Re: Missa dei Patris

    You beat me to it, Msl!
    This was a fantastic performance, and so interesting to hear it sung just by 8 soloists. It creates a very different dynamic.
  5. Which Zelenka pieces still need to be recorded?

    Hello all,

    We've come to an amazing point now where the majority of Zelenka's works have been performed and recorded, including almost all of his truly 'great' compositions. How grateful we should...
  6. Re: Missa Corporis Domini ZWV 3 performed by Collelgium 1704

    I think we can name a few:
    I haven't personally heard any recordings of Zelenka's 'other' Miserere, ZWV 56, though I know it's come up in some performances over the years.
    Also, Missa Eucharistica...
  7. Re: Missa Corporis Domini ZWV 3 performed by Collelgium 1704

    Wow that was great, many gems throughout.

    The opening Kyrie takes multiple listens to appreciate its interwoven and variating texture and is very positive & uplifting.
    The Credo highlight was...
  8. Entertaining video review of I Penitenti ZWV 63

    Hi all,
    This is quite a light-hearted and somewhat rambling introduction to our composer, by head of 'Classics Today', David Hurwitz

    Enjoy the silliness if you...
  9. Zelenka conference 2017-2019: articles published in Clavibus Unitis 2019

    Hello everyone,

    A little while back now Dr. Jiří Kroupa collated various papers from the Prague Zelenka Conferences 2017-2019:

    Here is the list of articles:
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    Re: Credo ZWV 31 premiere, Collegium 1704

    That was a sublime, top-class performance. Each showed a different facet to the jewel of 18thC sacred music. These three composers were absolute masters of that field, the music clearly shows.
  11. Re: Collegium 1704 in Dresden Annenkirche - 21 Oct 2020

    And they will be performing the same set in Prague, 20 October:
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    Ensemble Inégal are performing Zelenka's 1718 Litanie di Virgine Maria (ZWV 149) and Missa Sancti Spiritus (ZWV4) in Kostel U Salvátora, Prague. Details here:
  13. Collegium 1704 in Dresden Annenkirche - 21 Oct 2020

    Collegium 1704 will be performing Missa Omnium Sanctorum ZWV21 alongside Bach's Magnificat BWV243 in Dresden's famed Annenkirche. Here are the details:
  14. Re: Harrer 'Domine ad adiuvandum me festina' HarWV 45

    I don't have any critical comments, but it looks like great work Elwro. A nice potential piece to perform, perhaps at the start of a 'Vespers' programme? Is that the context in which it is found, or...
  15. Re: Summary of 2019 Zelenka Conference Prague papers

    7. Pavel JURÁK: 'Nicola Porpora v Inventáriu Jana Dismase Zelenky' Eng. trans: 'Nicola Porpora in Jan Dismas Zelenka's Inventarium

    The discovery that Jan Dismas...
  16. Re: Summary of 2019 Zelenka Conference Prague papers

    5. Andrew FRAMPTON:'Hidden in plain sight: Parody and Reworking in the Sacred Vocal Music of Jan Dismas Zelenka'

    A hitherto neglected area in the study of Zelenka’s...
  17. Re: Summary of 2019 Zelenka Conference Prague papers

    3. David R. M. IRVING:'French and Italian Bowholds in the Early Eighteenth Century: Implications for Musical Change within the Dresden Hofkapelle'

    From the 1670s to...
  18. Summary of 2019 Zelenka Conference Prague papers

    Dear all,

    Below is my summary of the papers which were presented at the Zelenka Conference in Prague, dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Horn, held on Friday 18 October at the Musicological...
  19. Thread: Missa 1724

    by Xanaseb

    Re: Missa 1724

    Here's a short review posted by Ralph Graves in Charlottesville Classical
  20. Amazing reviews Oct 2019 Brecon Baroque Bohemia, Missa Dei Patris ZWV19 & Lamentation

    This Welsh concert held in Brecon Cathedral from 25th October 2019 completely missed my notice, which is a shame because it looks like it was a great success, producing a number of positive reviews:...
  21. Re: "Musicologist makes breakthrough while researching 18th century composer"

    What a discovery!

    This issue of Musicology Australia as linked by Msl below looks very interesting. The foreword is a fitting tribute to Prof. Jan Stockigt.

    So, now we just need some ensemble...
  22. Thread: Online Meeting

    by Xanaseb

    Re: Online Meeting

    Hi Odie,

    I would definitely be up for such a meeting :cool:. It would be good to chat about Zelenka &c.

    Let us all hope that this virus crisis situation will ease off by October for the next...
  23. Re: Sepulto Domino ZWV 55/27 by Collegium 1704, 8 April 2020

    That was something special, indeed. Some poignant & solemn Zelenka for weird times. Great reaction/reception from the people commenting, seems that it has struck a chord.
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    Re: Website's future

    Snazzy! Liking the baroque views.

    Hopefully this can resurrect things a bit,

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    Re: Zelenka 30 November UK Leytonstone

    Thanks Andrew! Good to see Zelenka on the programme.

    I will in fact be in London... but, unfortunately not free to come along! :(

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