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    Salve Regina ZWV 204

    Lovely recording (modern day premiere?) of this jewel, which Zelenka later reworked into the Salve Regina (ZWV 135). ZWV 204 is still listed as “Doubtful” in the Zelenka work list but as Jan Stockigt...
  2. Re: Entertaining video review of I Penitenti ZWV 63

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    Re: Credo ZWV 31 premiere, Collegium 1704

    And, to add to the entry above, this is not to be missed at any cost: Luks and Collegium 1704 performing Zelenka’s arrangement of Caldara’s stunning Missa Matris Dolorosa, from the masked Sepultura...
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    Credo ZWV 31 premiere, Collegium 1704


    earlier this month Vaclav Luks and Collegium 1704 performed at the Smetana Festival in Litosmysl. The exciting program included what is announced as the modern day premiere of Credo ZWV...
  5. Re: Jan Dismas Zelenka La vita e l'opera di un musicista boemo tra Praga, Dresda e Vi

    Thanks Msl, this is very welcoming news and I look forward to get a copy. What I read from the introduction gives me great hope that the author has done his homework and is well up to date with the...
  6. Re: Zelenka Festival & Conference Prague-Dresden, 16-19 October 2019

    The full program of the upcoming conference has been announced, see below. There are some really interesting papers this year and the one I am looking most forward to is from Pavel Jurák, who will...
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    Re: Collegium 1704, Zelenka 'Missa 1724'

    This is terrific news. With these works to be released by Luks, Ensemble Inegale's upcoming release of ZWV 1 & ZWV 166, plus the recent release of ZWV 191, we are getting closer to having Zelenka’s...
  8. Re: Zelenka Festival & Conference Prague-Dresden, 16-19 October 2019

    Please note that the Festival/Conference dates were incorrectly given in the official website, but this has now been fixed. The program looks like this, with the conference taking place on Friday...
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    Re: Wolfgang Horn RIP

    Thank you dear Leszek for sharing this wonderful letter.
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    Wolfgang Horn RIP

    Dear friends,

    it is with a heavy heart that I report the tragic death of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Horn, one of the great Zelenka scholars.

    Horn’s dissertation “Die Dresdner Hofkirchenmusik 1720–1745"...
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    Re: Missa Sanctae Caeciliae ZWV 1

    The accompanying piece is the offertory Currite ad aras (ZWV 166), which Zelenka composed in Vienna in June 1716. So it's a very welcoming early Zelenka program for the next CD. Let's hope we'll hear...
  12. Zelenka Festival & Conference Prague-Dresden, 16-19 October 2019


    I’ve been told by Adam Viktora that the 2019 Zelenka Festival & Conference will kick off on the 340th birthday of our composer, Wednesday 16 October. The conference will be held on Friday...
  13. Re: Zelenka Conference & Festival Prague-Dresden, October 2018: Programme & Dates

    I am very pleased to say that as in the previous years, the Zelenka Conference 2018 is shaping up to be one of real importance and substance. I now see that two outstanding Czech scholars have been...
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    Zelenka, Ristori and Heinichen in Leipzig

    On the heels of Ensemble Inégal’s very successful performance of Gesu al Calvario in Leipzig, I can now report on another incredibly exciting concert coming up in that same city. This time it’s the...
  15. Re: For those who are in the vicinity of Stockholm next week

    I attended this nice concert, in the beautiful Tyska Kirkan in the Gamla Stan part of Stockholm. It was great to hear Ensemble Inégal bring Zelenka to the Swedish audience, who were very receptive to...
  16. Re: Early Music Radio BB6 - "Composer Profile: Zelenka" Sun 14 April

    Alistair, be my guest:

    Her spelling of Zelenka with a "c" confirms that at least she read the Virtuosen poem I sent!
  17. Re: Early Music Radio BB6 - "Composer Profile: Zelenka" Sun 14 April

    Fearing the worst, I immediately emailed BBC on Friday with a standard “template” text I sometimes send to institutions who post or publish incorrect information about Zelenka on their websites. This...
  18. Re: Early Music Radio BB6 - "Composer Profile: Zelenka" Sun 14 April

    bottoms up:D
  19. Re: Performance of ZWV 14 by Kammerchor and Barockorchester Stuttgart / Frieder Berni

    Lezhneva meeting Zelenka? Wow, that promises to be something. She's a wonderful singer. Let's hope SWR2 will broadcast this exciting concert at a later date – they usually document well what Bernius...
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    Re: Zelenka-inspired works in the archives

    In 2007 I wrote the following here in the Forum, on Zelenka’s student:

    "Harrer, a vital piece in the Zelenka puzzle, is an important link for the distribution of Zelenka's music outside of...
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    Re: A fun fanfare - school performance video

    Thanks Seb, this was absolutely brilliant to hear! Zelenka's trumpet pieces played freely, and with style and vigour!

    I just want to add for the record, and for my many Forum friends, that I am...
  22. Re: Recording of parody of part of Missa Circumcisionis by CPE Bach

    All very interesting. A further study, showing in a systematic academic way the similarities between the above mentioned examples of CPE and Zelenka, is clearly needed here. Robin, why don’t you...
  23. Re: Recording of parody of part of Missa Circumcisionis by CPE Bach

    Great stuff! This sounds quite convincing. And no, I can’t recall this being mentioned in the literature, the reason perhaps being that CPE Bach’s cantata only recently resurfaced in the...
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    Re: Psalmi Vespertini III

    The war loot taken from Dresden in 1745-46 was split between the different institutions in the former Soviet Union. So the music removed from the SLUB, including the missing vesper psalms listed...
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    Re: Website's future

    Thank you King Max, this is very good news. It is important that the good and noble work of Alistair will be continued and built upon. So I wish you well for the future in your role as a custodian of...
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