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  1. Re: Dixit Dominus (ZWV 67) - world premiere recording?

    Yes, I did record Zelenka's arrangement of the Ingegnieri 'Dixit Dominus' as well. I think in the insanity of finishing up my dissertation and working several jobs, I forgot to publicize it! It's on...
  2. Dixit Dominus (ZWV 67) - world premiere recording?

    Part of my dissertation on the 'Dixit Dominus' settings of Zelenka included editions of two of Zelenka's unpublished 'Dixit Dominus' settings (ZWV 66 & 67). In the spring of 2017 I recorded 'Dixit...
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    Re: New zelenka cd by ensemble inegal

    Hi all,

    As part of my doctoral dissertation I have produced performing editions of Zelenka's two unpublished 'Dixit Dominus' settings (ZWV 66 & 67). I'm hoping to get them published soon. Ensemble...
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    Missa Nativitatis Domini (ZWV 8)

    Does anyone know where I might find performance materials (scores/parts) for this work? I see that it has been recorded by at least two different groups. Thanks for any leads you may have!

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    Re: ZWV 26 Premiere

    What score/source are you using for ZWV 45? I'm in the process of compiling a list of all known modern-day editions of Zelenka's work. I don't have any information on a score for ZWV 45, so I'd love...
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