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  1. Re: "Musicologist makes breakthrough while researching 18th century composer"

    What a discovery!

    This issue of Musicology Australia as linked by Msl below looks very interesting. The foreword is a fitting tribute to Prof. Jan Stockigt.

    So, now we just need some ensemble...
  2. Thread: Online Meeting

    by Xanaseb

    Re: Online Meeting

    Hi Odie,

    I would definitely be up for such a meeting :cool:. It would be good to chat about Zelenka &c.

    Let us all hope that this virus crisis situation will ease off by October for the next...
  3. Re: Sepulto Domino ZWV 55/27 by Collegium 1704, 8 April 2020

    That was something special, indeed. Some poignant & solemn Zelenka for weird times. Great reaction/reception from the people commenting, seems that it has struck a chord.
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    Re: Website's future

    Snazzy! Liking the baroque views.

    Hopefully this can resurrect things a bit,

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    Re: Zelenka 30 November UK Leytonstone

    Thanks Andrew! Good to see Zelenka on the programme.

    I will in fact be in London... but, unfortunately not free to come along! :(

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    Re: Collegium 1704, Zelenka 'Missa 1724'

    Great stuff, I for one am supporting it on indiegogo. :cool:

    The YouTube recording is promising, but also quite shocking, as the tempo on the Christe Eleison ostinato is *fast*! I trust Collegium...
  7. Re: ZWV 191 recorded by Laura Schmid / Ensemble d'Istinto

    That's too kind! :o
  8. Re: ZWV 191 recorded by Laura Schmid / Ensemble d'Istinto

    They really milked all they could out of these canons, and made it feel quite climactic as a whole. Wonderful.
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    Re: Collegium 1704, Zelenka 'Missa 1724'

    Brilliant news, thanks!

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    Collegium 1704, Zelenka 'Missa 1724'

    Dear all,

    I've just come across this concert advertisement for the Svatováclavský hudební festival:

    and this from the Collegium website:...
  11. Re: Zelenka Festival & Conference Prague-Dresden, 16-19 October 2019

    Looking forward to coming again, looks like a great line-up!

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    Re: Missa Omnium Sanctorum

    A good review of the CD has just arrived here:
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    Re: Wolfgang Horn RIP

    I remember his insightful analysis of Zelenka's Mass compositions at the 2016 conference. For example, he pointed out that in his Masses, Zelenka almost never composed arias for a quartet of voices,...
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    Re: Missa Sanctae Caeciliae ZWV 1

    Great news, though I was half-hoping they'd do ZWV 4 Sancti Spiritus first - I guess we have to wait!

    I wonder what other music they'll record to accompany ZWV1, because it surely isn't long...
  15. Re: Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12) performed - Tafelmusik

    Thank-you for sharing this. Great to hear that this was performed in Toronto by the wonderful Tafelmusik. Fingers crossed we can hear it some day.
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    Re: Death of David Nelson

    This is sad news. Condolences and may he rest in peace.

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    Re: Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year indeed!

    Waiting especially on this CD to become active, as I hope others may be too. This last set of psalms promises to be the most...
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    Re: Miserere ZWV 57 in Prejmer/Tartlau (Romania)

    Thank-you, this was a nice performance! :)

  19. Re: Zelenka Conferences Prague 2017 & 2018 report

    Frederic Kiernan (Melbourne University, Australia)

    2017 – Zelenka in Czech Literature
    This was a fascinating paper which discussed how Zelenka was perceived and portrayed in Bohemia during the...
  20. Zelenka Conferences Prague 2017 & 2018 report

    Dear all,

    This is a long overdue summation of the latest in Zelenka-related research, as given at the Prague Conferences 2017 & 2018. As I am relying mostly on my memory, please forgive its rough...
  21. Re: Zelenka Conference & Festival Prague-Dresden, October 2018: Programme & Dates

    Yes, thanks Alistair. Indeed, I have been working on a much-needed 2017 & 2018 conference report, but I have been waylaid by poor health this past month or so - I will get on it ASAP. It goes without...
  22. Max Emanuel Cenčić - Zelenka & Bach concert Lausanne Festival

    Hi all,

    This concert already occurred on 2nd November, but I thought I'd post it here because the programme is unique. It combines various Zelenka works, and especially arias for Max Emanuel...
  23. Re: Zelenka Conference & Festival Prague-Dresden, October 2018: Programme & Dates

    That is a pretty fantastic line-up. Looking forward to it! I am also over the moon to hear that there is even a chance of the Russian manuscripts coming to light. :cool:
  24. Special concert in Trebon, CZ, for restoration of organ, 15 Oct 2018

    Dear all,

    Something of interest for those in Prague during the Zelenka festival week:

    I have just heard word about a special concert happening the day before the start of this year's Prague...
  25. Re: Zelenka Conference & Festival Prague-Dresden, October 2018: Programme & Dates

    Yes, I'm sure there will be. On the 20th and on previous days too. This would best be organised in PM/email.
    For anyone who is interested in meeting during this week, please message me on the forum...
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