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  1. Re: "Musicologist makes breakthrough while researching 18th century composer"

    Thanks for pointing this out! It does look like a special issue in Janice Stockigt's honor. I've read the Miserere paper and learned about some old Italian masters whom Zelenka and Fux apparently...
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    Prague Spring 2020 / Collegium 1704

    Hi all,

    I am sure everyone knows about the annual Prague Spring Festival. The 2020 is full of wonderful music, as usual with this event, and also features a Collegium 1704 performance of the...
  3. Re: ZWV 191 9 Canons on the hexachord - Played on Electric Guitar (!)

    What a find! If anything, this reminds me of Francesco Da Milano's ricercars for lute.
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    Prague Spring 2017 (ZWV 62)

    This festival looks pretty good. May 15 Ensemble Inegal performs Zelenka's oratorio at a major venue in prime time. (Three years ago they performed Il Serpente di Bronzo at a relatively obscure...
  5. Re: Damian Thompson refers to Zelenka again (briefly) in the Spectator online

    Do you mean J. Haydn?
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    ZWV18 Kyrie and Buffardin's concerto a 5

    Has anyone noticed that there is a clear similarity between Kyrie's 2nd theme and the beginning of the 1st movement of Buffardin's concerto a 5? ...
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