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    Zelenka CD Cover Contest -- The Capriccios

    Sono Luminus and Bach Sinfonia Announce a Zelenka CD Cover Contest!!

    Come up with a CD design concept and win a copy of the new recording of the Zelenka Capriccios, signed by The Bach Sinfonia...
  2. Re: Outstanding recordings of the orchestral music (ZWV 182 to ZWV 190)

    How lovely to find this thread. We (Bach Sinfonia -- Washington, DC USA) are presenting the 5 Capriccios in concert this weekend and will record a disc for Sono Luminus/Dorian early next week. They...
  3. Bach Sinfonia to present Zelenka's Capriccios (May 5, 2012) [and recording to follow]

    Bach Sinfonia
    Daniel Abraham, conductor & artistic director

    The Bohemian Baroque: Zelenka
    Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 8 PM

    R.J. Kelley & Alexandra Cook, natural horns

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