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Thread: Litaniae Lauretaniae "Salus Infirmorum" in Datteln

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    Default Litaniae Lauretaniae "Salus Infirmorum" in Datteln

    The Litaniae Lauretaniae "Salus Infirmorum" (ZWV 152) is to be performed in Datteln (St. Amandus Church) on June 15, 2008 at 7 p.m.
    Datteln is a small town at the north rim of the Ruhr Basin The performers will be the local vocal ensemble Cantio Sacra (experienced amateur singers from Datteln and northern Ruhr Basin) together with students and teachers of Detmold Conservatory.
    The concert, which will be conducted by Prof. Monika Bovenkerk-Jackowiak (Detmold Conservatory), will also comprise Ricercar for Violocello Solo by Domenico Gabrielli, finally "Dixit Dominus" by Händel.

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    Default Salus Infirmorum

    Hi Wolfgang G,

    Many thanks for posting this information... and welcome to the forum!

    Litaniae Lauretanae "Salus Infirmorum" must rank among Zelenka's best mature works, so I urge anyone who is close by (or only needs to travel a few 100 km) to go to the concert!

    Sometimes I wonder why people go to the trouble of organising great concerts without arranging for them to be recorded (either at the time, or a day or two later). We still need a good second recording of this work (following on from Bernius' version).

    Best wishes from Sweden.

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    Default Salus Infirmorum, Recording

    Hi, Alistair,
    thanks for your reply and for recommending our concert !
    As to recordings, the same concert has been already given in Detmold last sunday, and it was recorded by students of sound engineering. We don't know as yet the outcome. We are just trying to have the Datteln concert recorded on a similar level.
    Cantio Sacra (you may have guessed that I am a member) has performed and live recorded Zelenka music before my time there. As far as I know they performed 3 Lamentationes (I am not sure if from ZWV 53 or 54) and Responsories, in a concert together with Missa dolorosa by Antonio Caldara.
    Best wishes

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