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Thread: XVIII century hidden treasures on Spotify

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    Default XVIII century hidden treasures on Spotify

    As you might know, Spotify is a veritable treasure trove of Baroque music... if you can find it! The metadata situation there is abysmal, and you simply will miss many recordings if you search by composer / performer. In this thread I would like to share some information about CDs which may be of interest to Baroque enthusiasts, which are definitely not well known, and which are available legally for free for any Spotify subscriber. (Or completely free, with ads between every 5 tracks or something, if you don't want to pay.)


    The Sarton label has published a few CDs with XVIIIth-century cantatas from Gdansk (Danzig), under A.M. Szadejko.


    'The Gdansk Baroque Cantatas':

    'Lent Cantatas of 18th Century Gdansk':

    'Christmas Cantatas of 18th Century Gdansk':

    'Passio Christi by Johann Balthasar Christian Freisslich':

    'Easter Cantatas of 18th Century Gdansk':

    All those are worth hearing. I hope we get more recordings of composers like Du Grain or Pucklitz (with his interesting take on 'Jesu, meines Lebens Leben' on the 'Lent cantatas' disc).


    'Du Grain: Complete Harpsichord Concertos':


    'Organ Fugues of the Czech Baroque and Classicism': (no metadata at all! This disc will come up in NO SEARCH apart from "label:supraphon, which is how I found it. There is NO information about the composers!)

    'Czech Organ Music of Baroque and Classicism': (a different disc, with some data regarding the composers)

    'Czech and Moravian Baroque Organ': [a vinyl classic by J. Reinberger]

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    Default Re: XVIII century hidden treasures on Spotify

    Thanks for these Elwro!

    Spotify is such a treasure trove indeed, but the free "shuffle" version is terrible for us Baroque nuts and for classical music in general... I did manage to listen to a lot of Graupner and Homilius before my premium free trial finished.

    The Goldberg Baroque ensemble under Szadejko are brilliant, I highly recommend their high quality YouTube videos too. Clearly, there was a thriving musical culture in Gdańsk in the late 17th and most of the 18th centuries, and we can hear it thanks to this thriving Polish ensemble, and what must be some great research going on in the background.
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    I found it interesting that one of the composers of the Christmas cantatas album Roemhildt had as students i.a. Fasch and Heinichen. The Goldberg Baroque Orchestra albums at least are also available on Apple Music. I enjoyed listening to them. Thanks for this.

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    Default Re: XVIII century hidden treasures on Spotify

    Here: is the marvelous Zach Requiem disc from Supraphon, which you will not find while searching for 'Zach', since the composer name is missing from the metadata :-)

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