This morning at my church's pentecostal service I directed (and sung tenor in ) a performance of Veni Creator Spiritus (ZWV 120). It is a fairly simple little verse hymn, nearly homophonic in texture with a few imitative passages. A great piece for an inexperienced choir, which ours is - I just started it, we have only four singers and this was our first ever performance. Especially, the sop and alto are young teenagers who have never before sung in a mixed voice choir - considering this they did extremely well. What a way to cut one's teeth with choral singing, on Zelenka!!

Anyway, we recorded the occasion and with the above disclaimer regarding this newly formed, amateur choir, I am happy to share the recording (also since it is possible that this is the first recording of any performance of this work): (please ignore the child "singing" at ~2:10 - that's my toddler son who felt quite strongly that Zelenka should have added a 5th voice with the words "mama, papa" at that point).

Oh yes, and we sang in German - i didn't want to start a riot in our (rural village) church! Fortunately the words of Veni Creator Spiritus have a very good translation which fitted Zelenka's music perfectly. It is interesting, that even in German, this Zelenka chorale sounds distinctly different to a Bach chorale.

I will upload the modern edition to IMSLP soon. Some of you might know the original manuscript - it is one of the most illegible of all Zelenka manuscripts on account of the ink fading and also some (water) damage to the paper.