This looks like fun:

I can't say I kept a straight face...

PS. Might I just remind you that the ZWV 212 6 fanfares have been confirmed as a composition by Zelenka, with a dramatic story telling his involvement in legal case surrounding an incident between the hoftrumpeters about authority and signalling (ending in the dismissal of the Oberhoftrumpeter!), which you can read here, pages 27-29: . I recommend that you read the rest of this most up-to-date publication on Zelenka biography and history

Relevant quote from p 29:
'...the journal of the churching ceremony recorded that the
fanfares heard were newly composed by Zelenka: ‘Auch waren zweÿ Chöre von Trompeten und
Paucken formiret, und eine ganz neue componirte Musique von den Hr. Zelenka aufgeführet.’
After examing the evidence presented here it is proposed that the 6 Marcie per la Cavalleria
(ZWV 212, now listed as ‘Sechs Trompeterfanfaren bzw. Reitermärche’ among the ‘Lost, Doubtful,
and Falsely Attributed Works’ in the Zelenka literature) should be moved into the canon
of authentic works by the composer, under the title most likely found on a now lost cover.'