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Thread: Zelenka-inspired works in the archives

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    Default Zelenka-inspired works in the archives

    It seems that work which is not by Zelenka but which is possibly or obviously inspired by him has not been discussed much. To get us started I have transcribed a rather grand "cum sancto spiritu" fugue from a mass in the digitized archive. A "midi" performance can be heard here. I am not smart enough to get the computer "choir" to sing words but I think you get the main idea! Obviously Zelenka is lurking large behind this fugue and one gets hints of both the equivalent section of ZWV 14 and even some of the great fugues of the last masses. So who wrote this? Before I tell all would anyone like to make an educated guess? Hint: it was written after 1729 (so that rules Heinichen out). I'll give you about a week

    And please post any Zelenka-inspired works you know of!
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