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Thread: Zelenka: A great musician who is merely remembered

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    Default Zelenka: A great musician who is merely remembered

    The creators of this website have done a great job.Though Zelenka was a talented musician ,he is been remembered by only a few people.Even people of Germany forget to give due honor to him .In this situation , a website in the name of Zelenka would really help in bringing his works to more people.Its been 272 years after his demise.If his works have reached to the people across the world,Zelenka too would have been remembered like any other popular musicians.I am glad that at least your website taken an initial step to bringing the works of Zelenka to more audience.

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    Default Re: Zelenka: A great musician who is merely remembered

    Thanks for your kind words about the website. It has been running for sixteen years, and the forum has been up and running for 12 years, so I hope that between them they have encouraged many people to investigate the works of Zelenka. The number of recordings available has increased steadily over the years, and YouTube is also a very good source of material. Perhaps the most encouraging development is the increased availability of "sheet" music from non-commercial sources, mainly thanks to forum members.


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