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Thread: Zelenka, Ristori and Heinichen in Leipzig

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    Default Zelenka, Ristori and Heinichen in Leipzig

    On the heels of Ensemble Inégal’s very successful performance of Gesu al Calvario in Leipzig, I can now report on another incredibly exciting concert coming up in that same city. This time it’s the Batzdorfer Hofkapelle and the Sächsiches Vocalensemble under the direction of Matthias Jung, who have given us many jewels in the form of recordings of neglected repertoire from the Dresden library. The program for the concert on 26 July is truly mouthwatering:

    Giovanni Alberto Ristori: Litaniae des Sancto Xaverio (Mus.2455-D-1)
    Jan Dismas Zelenka: Miserere d-moll ZWV 56 (Mus.2358-D-504)
    Johann David Heinichen: Laudate pueri, Laetatus sum, Nisi Dominus und Lauda Jerusalem (Mus.2398-D-33)

    Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2018,
    20:00 Uhr, Konzert
    "Katholische Kirchenmusik des Dresdner Hofs"
    Ristori - Zelenka - Heinichen,
    Sächsisches Vocalensemble Batzdorfer Hofkapelle,
    Leitung: Matthias Jung
    Konzert im Rahmen des Internationalen Kongresses der Musikbibliotheken (IAML 2018)
    Eine Kooperationsveranstaltung von MBM – Mitteldeutsche Barockmusik, GVL, Stadt Leipzig,
    Staatsministerium für Wissen*schaft und Kunst, Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, HMT Leipzig
    Kartenvorverkauf voraussichtlich ab Juni 2018 zum Preis von 10 Euro bei Musikalienhandlung Oelsner,
    Ticketgalerie Leipzig oder Culton Tickets. Restkarten an der Abendkasse.
    Ort: Aula * Universitätskirche St. Pauli
    im "Paulinum", Uni-Campus
    Augustusplatz 10
    04109 Leipzig

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    Default Re: Zelenka, Ristori and Heinichen in Leipzig

    Great! More than a year ago I was approached by a Hungarian conductor to use my score of the Litanies ( ). I offered to create the parts and so on. Sadly nothing has come out of this. It's great to see that the nice work is getting some attention.

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