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Thread: Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12) performed - Tafelmusik

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    Default Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12) performed - Tafelmusik

    Toronto's excellent Tafelmusik is performing this delightful Mass this weekend - the Václav Luks reconstruction, of course.

    I had the pleasure of hearing it this evening. Full of life, variety and bounce. (Sorry, not the language serious classical lovers are supposed to talk, but ZWV 12 is that kind of joyful sound.) Soloists very much up to the job.

    If you haven't heard the piece (I think there's only one recording to date, by Luks' own group, Collegium 1704) this review gives you a good idea of its shape:

    ...and two of Luks' performances are on YouTube, e.g.
    Judging from this, I found Tafelmusik's rendition lighter-footed and more fluid. I do hope they record it.

    Charlotte Nediger, Tafelmusik's indefatigable keyboardist, librarian and Zelenka fan, did the informative program notes here:

    (It includes a repro of a page of the much battered MS, proving the contention that Z had some of the worst handwriting of any known composer.)

    Program and soloist info here:

    Anybody in Toronto? Tickets still available on Saturday and Sunday, you lucky people.

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    Cool Re: Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12) performed - Tafelmusik

    Thank-you for sharing this. Great to hear that this was performed in Toronto by the wonderful Tafelmusik. Fingers crossed we can hear it some day.

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