Dear all,

I've just come across this concert advertisement for the Svatováclavský hudební festival:

and this from the Collegium website:

Václav Luks is putting together the various ZWV manuscripts of the Mass Ordinary from c.1724 and dubbing it 'Missa 1724'. This is very exciting, as these works provide some idea of Zelenka's early period exuberant long-format writing style and use of trombones. It's not technically a world premiere, as most of these have been performed and filmed before by the Russkaya Conservatoria with director Nikolai Khozhdinsky. Here is their meaty performance of the ZWV30 Gloria:, and you can find the Qui Tollis II, Gratias Agimus Tibi and the liberally interpreted Cum Sancto Spiritu ( it includes timpani!)

I am very much looking forward to Collegium 1704's interpretation, if I ever get to hear it. I hope some recording will surface.

Best wishes,