Hello everyone,

A little while back now Dr. Jiří Kroupa collated various papers from the Prague Zelenka Conferences 2017-2019: http://www.acecs.cz/cu_2019_08.php

Here is the list of articles:

DRISCOLL, Michael: Zelenka's arrangements of Dixit Dominus settings by other composers

KAPSA, Václav: The place of Jan Dismas Zelenka within Prague's sacred music scene as viewed through the inventory of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star

KIERNAN, Frederic: Wolfgang Horn and Zelenka

ÓSKARSSON, Kjartan: Zelenka and chalumeau

SANYAL, Sebastian: The Zelenka family in Louňovice: Some findings from local history and parish registers

STOCKIGT, Janice B.: The genesis and evolution of Missa Sanctae Caeciliae (ZWV 1), Jan Dismas Zelenka

VOKŘÍNEK, Lukáš: Kmotrovství v rodině kantora a varhaníka Jiříka Zelenky Bavorovského [Godparenthood in the family of the schoolmaster and organist Jiřík Zelenka Bavorovský]

These are well worth reading, enjoy!

There is also an article by Jóhannes Ágústsson in Clavibus Unitis 2020, on the diaries of Crown Prince Friedrich Christian.

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