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Thread: Jaroussky sings Zelenka

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    Default Jaroussky sings Zelenka

    More great news:
    Musica Florea will give 3 concerts in August with Zelenka's music and the singer is none other than the french contratenor Philippe Jaroussky. The program consists of the Lamentations, arias and orchestral music:
    17. August - Prague
    19. August - San Sebastian in Spain
    21. August - Festival de Sables in France
    Musica Florea's concert in the Sables festival couple of years ago has been broadcast so I am hoping this will be as well. I think it's quite likely since everything Jaroussky sings gets good coverage in France where he is considered a national treasure. His newest cd is simply outstanding, with arias written for Carestini in the 18th century, incl. music by Hasse, Handel, Leo, Graun etc.
    For more info:
    I'd like to add in my humble opinion that he is the greatest singer walking on this earth holding hands with Cecilia Bartoli. Jaroussky is supremely musical with the lightest, natural and most flexible voice imaginable. An angel from the 18th century. So these will be concerts to die for!

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    Smile Musica Florea in Prague etc.

    Hello everybody,

    here is the link for some more information on the Musica Florea performance of Zelenka, with Philippe Jaroussky, on Sunday 17th August 2008, 19.30 PM, in Prague. Smetana Hall is a beautiful and adequate place for JDZ´s music, normally used by the SYMFONICKÝ ORCHESTR HL. M. PRAHY FOK (FOK Orchestra).


    Lamentace, árie a orchestrální díla J. D. Zelenky
    (Lamentations, arias and orchestral works by JDZ)
    Neděle 17. 8. 2008, 19.30
    Smetanova síň Obecního domu, Náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1
    (Smetana Hall of the Municipal House)

    Philippe Jaroussky – kontratenor (Francie)
    Musica Florea – barokní orchestr
    Marek Štryncl – umělecký vedoucí (conductor)


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    Default Jaroussky concert brief review

    I was fortunate enough to be at this outstanding concert. Apart from Jaroussky (about whom an amusing anecdote shortly), the band was Musica Florea (conducted by Marek Stryncl, well known to all JDZ fans). We were treated to the usual fare, Hipocondrie, (ZWV 187) and the Ouverture in F (ZWV 188), plus a couple of extracts from the Lamentations, beautifully sung (though the first was, I think, curtailed). The most exciting part of the evning for me was to hear a variety of arias from Sub Olea Pacis (ZWV 175) - rarely heard (though recorded by Stryncl).

    An anecdote: Jaroussky's grandfather was a refugee from the turbulence of the Bolshevik revolution and when he arrived at the French border was asked his name, to which he replied 'I'm Russian' (Ja Russky). Hence the surname. God knows whether he made up for his lack of French with a voice anything like his grandson's, but if so he was fortunate indeed.

    Alex Went

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    Default Jaroussky sings Zelenka - live + more

    Thanks Alex for your report. I was green with envy

    Now there is a chance to hear this online: Radio France will broadcast a recording of the french concert on Saturday 6th of September at 13.05 (GMT+2).

    Another live broadcast coming our way: On Friday evening the 12th of September we'll get to hear the complete Lamentationes performed in Weimar by the mighty La Cetra Barockorchester and Matthias Lucht Alt, Gerd Türk Tenor and Marian Krejcik Bass, directed by Andrea Marcon. Also on offer are the 1st Trio Sonata and Fux's Trio Sonata K. 379. This is live on Deutschlandradio Kultur: - and also later on MDR Figaro on Saturday 20th, at 16.00.

    It gets better: On Sunday 21st of September MDR Figaro will broadcast one more recording of Bernius's take on the Missa Votiva, this time it is a recording from Arnstadt last July.

    And finally, one more concert to tell you about, on the 27th of September the Dresden Barockorchester and A-capella-Kammerchor Freiberg will perform Antonio Lotti's Missa Sapientiae and Zelenka's Missa Dei Patris. This will take place in the beautiful Nikolaikirche in Freiberg.

    So plenty of activity for our composer. I have to add to this the great news that the first concert here in Iceland with only Zelenka works on the program will be held in December. The theme: Prague 1723...

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    More about Zelenka performances at the Festival de Sablé on .
    There are a video of Marek Stryncl and Jaroussky in 2008,
    and an article about the Missa Votiva by Vaclav Luks in 2007.


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