We are some people discussing the ZWV3 with in the end a performance project by Elwro. You will find a link to the scores in the "Free scores" thread.
After some emails, and mp3s, we continue here to get any suggestion.
The first posts on this subject are in the thread "Free scores".

The main harmonical headaches are in bars 25-26 of the Et resurrexit.
Here is my last answer to Elwro. I wrote this before new suggestions by Germund.

Crucifixus : I added the figured bass and the alternate older bars 11-15.

Et resurrexit:
I noticed that the page starting with bar 31 has a sharp in the key, hence my added sharps to F seems ok.

1. Text "Surrexit": It seems to be intentional in order to synchronize the Tenore with the Alto. It may be an error, but I saw it in the Credo of ZWV9 : the Et resurrexit in bars 103 to 108 (page 45) uses "surrexit" in all voices, it is clearly written in the full score, moreover in each chorus parts.

2. The Tenore is B, the Viola is closer to B than A.
Changed for B.

3. Bar 15. I did some errors in Viola and Alto :
- Viola the first G is longer - Alto the entrance is like the others, excepted the first note which is a quarter, preceded by a quarter silence. It may avoid a clash with the Soprano.
Fixed only my errors for now.

4. Bar 19, Violini, only the sharp of F is indicated. In bar 20, Basso, all sharps are present.
Changed G to G#.

5. Bars 26,27
1. Bar 26, 3rd beat, the score has in BC B and [#5, n3], and D natural in Sop. and Ob2.
Changed my D# back to original D.

2. Bar 26, Violini, F -> F#, ok

3. Bar 26, Violini, G -> G#, ok
Bar 27, Violini, C -> C#, ok

6. Bar 24, Tenore is C but BC is E with 5, and S/Ob2 are B
Changed Tenore C to B

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