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Thread: I penitenti ZWV 63 - new cd

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    Default I penitenti ZWV 63 - new cd


    it is a real pleasure to report on the new cd of I penitenti al Sepolcro del Redentore ZWV 63, recorded by Collegium 1704 and released by Zig Zag Territories, catalogue number ZZT 090803. A release date is set for 27th of August, as can be seen on the ZZT website, where it will also be possible to buy copies from the 20th. Please go to this link and check the samples:

    Being the representative of ZZT in Iceland I have been very fortunate to have the recording for some time. It is absolutely majestic in every sense. Fantastic performance from Vaclav Lucs and his orchestra and singers, along with a crisp and spacious recording sound, make this a real jewel in the Zelenka discography. And for those who cherish the final chorus as the most beautiful piece of music from the pen of our Master, well this version is more than seven minutes long, and Zelenka's plea for mercy has never been so vivid and real.

    With this release, and Collegium 1704 concert of the complete funeral music for August the Strong in France, the Bernius recording of the Missa Votiva, plus an upcoming recording of the Serenate ZWV 177, these are truly marvelous times for admirers of Zelenka's world.


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    Default Upcoming Zelenka recordings

    Is there any news on the release dates of the other Zelenka recordings?

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    The recording of the Serenata is set for September 2009, so the release will most probably be November/December 2009. Nibiru production is very fast.

    According to Emanuel Scobel of Carus, the Bernius recording of Missa Votiva will only be available in March, 2010. This is a bit disappointing, as it was recorded in 2008 (I think). The catalogue number will be 83.223/00.

    Kind regards /Alistair
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