Hi all,

the good news for our Zelenka just keeps on coming. Straight on the heels on Vaclav Luks's and Collegium 1704 fantastic concerts in France of ZWV 46, 47, and 63, and the subsequent release of the I penitenti on ZZT, we have a bombshell - another totally unexpected source find.

As Derek pointed out in February, Adam Viktora and his terrific Ensemble Inegale, will record Zelenka's Serenata ZWV 177, for release on the Nibiru label. Two weeks before Derek's posting, I came across unknown sources for the serenata, during my long stay in Dresden. Among the rich and fascinating documents of the Saxon State Archives, I discovered the previously unknown printed libretto for the serenata. It left me stunned. The really nice surprise was the name on the title page:

Il Diamante.

So now we have a name for Zelenka's enigmatic serenata from 1737. It will be presented as such on Adam's upcoming recording, and hopefully it will be registered in the Zelenka work list as well. I have written a detailed report on the new sources, which will shed fresh new light on the occasion the serenata was composed for. This will appear in the next issue of the Czech musicological journal Hudebni veda, which will be published very soon. I hope everyone will rush out to buy a copy!

To top it all, the serenata will be performed by Adam and his forces in the beautiful church of St. Simon and Juda in the center of Prague, on Wednesday 9th of September. Everyone who has a chance must think about attending this ambitious and extraordinary event.

Once again, these are truly amazing times for us Zelenka fans.