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Thread: Why no Zelenka recordings from Rademann?

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    Default Why no Zelenka recordings from Rademann?

    Greetings. It just struck me that one superb Zelenka interpreter, Rademann, has not produced a CD with music of Zelenka for a long time. It is nearly 9 years since the Te Deum came out on Carus, and even longer since his Missa Dei Filii interpretation appeared on Raum Klang.

    During this past decade, Rademann has done several concert performances of Zelenka's music. We almost got a live recording of Missa Votiva on disc after a performance in Dresden 3 years ago but the project was cancelled a few weeks after the recording. He has also performed other very interesting Zelenka material.

    So, Mr Rademann, what's the problem? You have a wonderful talent, and the beautiful Zelenka performances you do seem to survive only in people's memories. (If anyone has contact with him, please show him this!)
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    Default Rademann

    Interesting and valid point! Having been at the live performance and recording of Missa Votiva you mention (which was great), I think the problem may have been coughing and sneezing...

    One great need is another recording of Zelenka's last mass, Missa Omnium Sanctorum ZWV 21. Bernius' recording is a fine performance, but the Sony CD appears to have been aimed at the German market and it was deleted from the catalogue about 5 years ago. It appeared briefly in France at medium price and then promptly disappeared again.

    We talk about Beethoven's great Ninth Symphony, and Mahler's Ninth and Tenth, and Bruckner's Ninth - their final big compositions that they left behind for mankind to enjoy and wonder at. Or Beethoven's final string quartets. Or JS Bach's Mass in B minor. Can you imagine there not being a single recording of any of those on the market?

    Missa Omnium Sanctorum is a truly great work with a through-composed Credo that lasts about twelve minutes. This one number turns full circle and gives us a glimpse of the quirky, intense, unpredictable Zelenka of much earlier days when he was writing his trio sonatas. It moves forward with an irresistible momentum that takes one's breath away. Precede that with the amazing but much more liturgical-sounding Cum sancto spiritu II and follow it with an intriguing Benedictus that has unison parts for soprano and alto and looks forward to Fauré's "in paradisum", and you have nothing less than a masterpiece. Each of the numbers has very different characteristics, but it all hangs together extremely well.

    Why am I waxing lyrical about this piece of music? Simply because it seems the right place to say that Rademann and his Dresden musicians/singers would be the ideal group to do a second recording. He gets his tempos right (sorry, Mr Luks) and Rademann fully understands every nuance of Zelenka's music.
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    Default More Rademann recordings wanted

    Let Rademann record some of the many Zelenka works that have never had any recording at all, let alone a very good one. No doubt Missa Omnium Sanctorum is a fantastic work and it is a great shame that it remains completely obscure in part because of chaos and neglect in the recording industry, but you know that the moment a new recording appeared the old one would immediately be re-released
    just to make sure the recording industry remains hopelessly unprofitable.
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    There was also a ZWV18 Missa Votiva, available some time ago (on a P2P offspring of a male donkey and a female horse) :

    Susanna Pütters, Sopran
    David Cordier, Altus
    Eric Stokloßa, Tenor
    Henryk Böhm, Bass

    Dresdner Kammerchor
    Dresdner Barockorchester

    Leitung: Hans-Christoph Rademann

    2. Juli 2006, Georgenkirche Schwarzenberg, Abschlusskonzert
    Fest Alter Musik im Erzgebirge

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    Good to bring up Rademann here and it would sure be nice to hear more Zelenka from him one day. I remember him directing Missa Dei Patris in Berlin in 2004 with Akademie f. Alte Musik and RIAS, and it was a terrific reading. Almost every part of the work was phrased differently from Bernius, different rhythms, different time and tempo; as a result it was very refreshing to hear. And the singers were something else, with the brilliant Annette Dasch leading the line.

    Rademann has already given us many Dresden jewels, the Heinichen masses and Hasse's beautiful 1763 Requiem. He still works occasionally with the Dresden Barockorchester and RIAS so I am sure we will hear more Dresden music in the future.

    And finally: Rademann's take on the Qui sedes in the Missa Dei Filii must be the funkiest Zelenka bit on record - what a terrific bassline!


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