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    Some news :

    I just found a interesting article, half about JDZ :
    Theo of January 2008 (
    The Last Living Baroque Composer – František Xaver Thuri.

    There is an orchestra near me that project near July 2010 to perform the ZWV21 Omnium Sanctorum ( I talked to the conductor, he is now aware of the other masses, we'll see if there is any interest.

    I had the chance to access some manuscripts from St. Michael's College, Tenbury: Unpublished Continental Mss. 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries :
    - ZWV 7 Paschalis : complete copy except Benedictus, Osanna.
    - ZWV 16 a better Cum sancto autograph than the Dresden one.
    I have corrected my scores and work on new mp3s.

    I discovered on Youtube various videos of performances (Il serpente di bronzo, Magnificat,
    Jaroussky concerts...).

    I would like very much to work on other unpublished music, please let me know about composers (Fasch...) you like. Some libraries provide manuscripts online (like the Royal Library of Danemark

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