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    This is just to let the forum members know that as of March 2011, the Discover Zelenka website has topped 3,000 unique visits a month. This has been a steady upward trend in the past 5 years. The corresponding figure for March 2006 was 525. As the site has been prominent on Google etc. during this time, the reason for the upward trend must be something other than internet exposure of the site.

    We are only halfway through March 2011, and 27 people have already joined the forum this month.

    There is certainly a growing interest in Zelenka's music. The initial question asked on entry to the forum is about the sonatas, so I guess that most people still come to know Zelenka through his instrumental music. Any comments or thoughts about this?

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    Yes, it's difficult not to support your observations, both about Zelenka's poupularity and the chamber sonatas. In order to support the first one, I would like to add that I subscribed as member nr 200 (exactly!) in August 2010. Now we are in the middle of March 2011, but at this very moment there are 373(!) subscribers. Although the forum is 5 years old, numbers are then nearly doubled in 7 months!

    The other point about the six sonatas seems equally plausible. These works have had a broad appeal for a long time, and appear to be his most well-known. My Ensemble Zeffiro-version is an all-time favourite (it tops the reissue-priority-list together with Bernius' "Missa omnium sanctorum"). For me personally, however, it was only Collegium 1704's performance of "Missa votiva" in 2008 that opened a hidden door somewhere to JDZ's spellbinding world in the midst of an increasingly crowded early music field. If one counts youtube-hits, "Missa votiva" probably sails up as the flagship among vocal works thanks to this ensemble's increasing visibility. The particular importance of their tireless missionary work to attract public attention to our man by regularly giving outstanding performances in international concerts, festivals and even TV broadcasts cannot be overestimated. As a result of their exposure, I was able to notice gems that are more hidden, like the sensational, but so far under-exposed Ensemble Inegal recordings. Collegium 1704 therefore deserves their part of the credit for Zelenka's as well as the website's growing popularity.

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    3 years on, and what is the picture like now? Both here on the forums, and concerning Zelenka's dissemination?
    I'd have to say that Inégal has been doing wonders. All it needs is more popularity, and Zelenka's music could be catapulted upwards
    Adam Viktora seems to be a dedicated champion of Zelenka.
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    Hi Xanaseb,

    Thanks for this post, and sorry for the delay in replying.

    There has been a sudden upsurge in the number of new members of the forum, which just topped 1,000 per month in December 2013. In addition, the average number of visits to the forum at any one time is now around 150. Much has happened in this respect during 2012-2013, and Zelenka's popularity just keeps growing. Hopefully we will see a greater number of new recordings during 2014, which will have a knock-on effect both on the forum and on the Discover Zelenka website.

    Incidentally, in December 2012 there were over 4,000 unique visits to the whole Discover Zelenka website. One year later, in December 2013, the equivalent figure is already more than 10,000 visits from unique IP addresses.

    The Discover Zelenka website itself needs a facelift. This would be cosmetic, of course, as there is not much new factual material (apart from updates to the Recordings database). This may change when the article on Zelenka by Janice Stockigt and Johannes Agustsson is finally published.

    Regards from Sweden.

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