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I supose that, among the Zelenka 'fans', we can find a lot of oboe players.

I arranged the Brandenburg Concerto nș6 (orig. for 2 viole da braccio, due viole da gamba, violoncello e violone) as a Triosonata for 2 oboes and basso continuo in F Major.
Actually there are two basses, as Bach wrote for the Brandenburg Concerto. So, the Trio has the same scoring that Zelenka's 'Suonate'

You can find the score with the parts in the WIMA:

As you can see in

I've also done arrangements for the instrumentarium of Bach's times (flauti, violini, traversi, gambe, violoncelli, fagotti). For the low instruments I've preferred to do a Duo arrangement.

It's also possible to replace the 'oboe secondo' with the 'violino secondo', as
Zelenka did for his 3rd Triosonata.

As customary in the WIMA, you will find the FINALE sources.

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