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Thread: World Premiere of «Gloria» (ZWV 30)

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    Default World Premiere of «Gloria» (ZWV 30)

    As part of musical and choreographic project "TERRA MUSICA"
    International creative workshop of Yuriy Abdokov

    World premiere (the first posthumous performance) "Gloria" ZWV 30 performed by Chamber Chapel "Russkaya konservatoriya" (rus. - "russian conservatory") directed by Nikolay Khondzinsky will be held June 7 at the Moscow International House of Music.

    Represented program "TERRA MUSICA" introduces the works of the most talented russian choreographers of a new generation - Konstantin Semyonov and Kirill Radev in collaboration with young russian musicians (Nikolai Khondzinsky and its chamber chapel "Russkaya konservatoriya").

    Composer Yuri Abdokov about the project "TERRA MUSICA" and fragments of the rehearsal on YouTube.

    Special thanks and appreciation to Arnaud Debayeux for help within search and preparation of scores!

    The concert will be held on June 7 in Monday at 19:00 at the Moscow International House of Music. Address: Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya embankment, house 52.

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    Default Re: World Premiere of «Gloria» (ZWV 30)

    Many thanks for the info - it's great to hear of all this Zelenka activity in Russia. I am very curious to know how these concerts went. If the YouTube samples are anything to go by the orchestra seems to be good.

    Was it recorded? And if so, is there any chance of a shared recording?


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    Default Re: World Premiere of «Gloria» (ZWV 30)


    Video at

    Enjoy !

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    Default Re: World Premiere of ?Gloria? (ZWV 30)

    This clip is, of course, from ZWV 57 (Miserere), but great!

    Try instead.
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    Default Re: World Premiere of «Gloria» (ZWV 30)

    Wow, this is a magnificient piece of music! At the beginning of Gratias agimus tibi I thought that it was wrong, but then I checked the score. This is a first-class harmonic adventure, to which Zelenka has invited us.

    I find the Gratias agimus tibi rather terrifying than glorifying. Although the text does not appear in the Requiem, it would fit in there. It has not just a bit of a Dies irae to my mind. Does anybody know anything about the circumstances Zelenka wrote this music?

    Another thing came to my mind when I then checked the ZWV. I found that the Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei ZWV 26, the Gloria ZWV 30 and the Credo a due chori ZWV 32 share voices and orchestration. What do you think: Would it be possible to zip them together to a whole mass?

    Best wishes from Germany

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