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    a three day conference on the Schrank II collection ( here in Dresden has just ended. I have earlier reported on the digitalisation on these ca. 1800 works which mostly stem from Pisendel's private library.

    One of the many interesting papers had a great surprise in store: In his excellent talk on copyists and watermarks, the musicologist Wolfgang Eckhardt reported that he has discovered an unknown source of Zelenka's Capriccio, ZWV 183, in a Polish library. As he pointed out, this is the only source of Zelenka's instrumental music outside of Dresden, and as such gives us a fresh insight into the reception history of his music.

    The copy is of Thüringian provenence and comes from the collection of Johann Balthasar Christian Freislich, who spent some time in Dresden in the 1720's before he took up the post of a Kapellmeister in St. Mary in Danzig(Gdansk).

    Eckhard – who gladly gave me his permission to announce this in the Forum – will give more details of his find when the proceedings of the conference will be published. This will be done online next year, and I will let you know as soon as it happens.

    Jan Stockigt also gave a fascinating paper on the instrumental music settings of Zelenka kept in the collection.

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    Great to hear about the new findings!

    And I really, really hope that the kind people from the Dresden Library will some day put the digitalised manuscripts of the church music from the Court Church on their website, too... What they are offering now is already great, of course. (I almost finished transcribing the first part of the G-minor flute concerto by Giacomo de Lucchesini from Schrank II today.)

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