1) Earlier today I commented on Collegium 1704's release in the thread for Officium defunctorum (Zwv 47) & Requiem in D (Zwv 46) on Accent records:
Amazon France has the same release date (25.11.2010) and a lower price:
Fortunately, further searches have enabled me to confirm that the recording is complete. CD1 with Zwv 47 is 61 min long, while CD2 with Zwv 2 lasts 40 min. In addition the booklet contains comments in English, German and French, as well as translations of the Latin text in the same languages.

2) In addition, a re-issue of Vaclav Neumann's inavailable 1983-recording of Zwv 153, 46, 141, 185, 63 (sinfonia), 186, 181 and 165 comes in December. Extremely welcome, even if one cannot expect contemporary performance standards: http://www.amazon.de/Zelenka-Works-R...0082082&sr=1-1

3) But it doesn't stop here! Crescendo Music's USA premiere performances of Zwv 18 Missa Votiva last weekend, are also available on CD in December: http://www.worldclassmusic.org/cresc...rchase_CDs.htm .

4) And then there is the simultaneous Nibiru-release of Zwv 14... Isn't this almost too overwhelming for a poor Jan Dismas Zelenka -fan?