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Thread: Missa Nativitatis ZWV 8 in Graz / Austria

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    Default Missa Nativitatis ZWV 8 in Graz / Austria

    On Saturday, December 25th, Zelenkas Missa Nativitatis ZWV 8 is performed during mass (10 A.M.) at the Cathedral Church in Graz (Austria) by the Domchor and Domorchester Graz.

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    Default Re: Missa Nativitatis ZWV 8 in Graz / Austria

    I read Testudo's post and surfed the net in hope to find a broadcast of that concert. I stumbled over this;

    J. D. Zelenka - Dormi nate, dormi Deus ZWV 171 (O Magnum Mysterium)
    J. D. Zelenka - Missa Nativitatis Domini ZWV 8
    J. S. Bach - Gloria in Excelsis Deo BWV 191
    Barokensemble De Swaen
    o.a. David van Ooijen - aartsluit/theorbe
    Zondag 26 December 2010, 15:00
    Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411 (hoek Spui), Amsterdam

    In Bern 18.12.2010 this program was played;

    Weihnächtliche Kantaten des Dresdner Barock

    (Schweizer Erstaufführungen)
    J. D. Zelenka:
    Missa Nativitatis Domini, ZWV 8 (Fragment): Kyrie, Gloria, Credo
    Missa Charitatis, ZWV 10: Sanctus, Agnus Dei
    J. D. Heinichen: Pastorale
    G. A. Ristori: Motetto pastorale (für Sopran- und Alt-Solo, Frauenchor und Orchester)
    G. A. Homilius: Kantate "Ergreifet die Psalter"

    Missa Nativitatis Domini ZWV 8 seems popular this Christmas.
    Lets hope one of these concerts was recorded and finds its way to youtube
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