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Thread: New Missa Omnium Sanctorum recording by Ensemble Inégal.

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    Dear Lord, what a surprise, in my favourite moment in all Zelenka, the "Et vitam venturi saeculi" fugue, they sing the countersubject ("Amen") staccato! I will find this hard to get used to, I'm afraid...

    ...and unfortunately it's Kai Wessel again, we can already hear him struggling with "Barbara dira effera" in the small excerpt provided. Well, what can we do, maybe someone else will bring out the beauty in the piece in the future. I'm buying 3 copies :-)
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    Today I had to smile to myself several times at work. Wonderful sarcasm.

    I agree with the staccatto in the countersubject. Sounds ha-ha-ha in my ears. But the other movements in Zwv 21 sounds ok, which I looking forward to hear in complete form.

    "Barbara, dira effera" Zwv 164; I like the orchestra playing, thou I would prefere Robin Blaze sing this one. When I listened to the youtube version (1:09-1:17) provided by Stian (l'infastidito) its fun to recognize Zelenka use the same "material" in Zwv 152 movement 7 "Regina.." (0:16-0:25 in my recording). Mr. Recycle indeed.
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    Guys, says the ZWV 21 CD is available NOW! :-) Just ordered my 3 copies.

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    Very interesting. Looks like is one step ahead of the Nibiru website!

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    Default Re: New Missa Omnium Sanctorum recording by Ensemble Inégal.

    And they're quick too! Ordered 28 November, arrived UK today 1st December! Now happily comparing with Bernius! First impressions very favourable, and 2 important new works to boot, perhaps thanks to colleagues on this website?!

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    Well, after having lived with the CD for some time I must say how happy I am with the outcome. The Christe eleison is deeply moving aria and well interpreted by Kai Wessel. Here, the string playing is absolutely out of this world. One senses Zelenka's complete mastery when it comes to the word painting and orchestral effects. The Barbara dira effera! is another rocket in the spirit of Il Diamante, a collage of familiar themes. Adam Viktora has done us Zelenka fans great service by bringing out this motet and the serenata, which show that our composer was well capable of writing some terrific music in the operatic style with his unique voice – in spite of what some of the musicologist say.

    Bernius is a tough act to follow when it comes to the Missa Omnium Sanctorum, I think most of us agree on that. His is a fine version which is hard to critizise. There is one thing I do admire with Bernius – the intensity and excitement of the music making can always be felt. As I have stated elsewhere in the Forum, I still feel that his reading of the Missa Dei Patris is the pinnacle of all Zelenka recordings.

    Adam Viktora's version of ZWV 21 is wonderful as well, and of course different. Well performed as usual by Ensemble Inegal, it has got convincing and natural tempos, good singing (by a smaller choir than Bernius uses), and most of all, a reading committed to Zelenka's autograph. It sounds "sharper", more precise. There are some things that Bernius interpreted differently when it comes to the autograph. This I learned last summer while visiting Prague in the company of Zelenka scholar Janice Stockigt.

    We had the pleasure to spend a day with Adam and Gabriela and their lovely kids. I had brought a copy of the autograph from Dresden for Adam in preparation of the recording, and was thrilled to listen in when he and Janice discussed the different instructions and important details that Zelenka left in the score. One of the things I remember is that Zelenka's idea of using legato "Et vitam..." and staccato "Amen" simultaneously, was mentioned as being a good example of his orginality: I took note because like Elwro, I love this movement. Zelenka has used this to good effect before, for example in the Cum sancto spiritu in Missa S. Josephi, and in the Pleni sunt coeli in Missa Purificationis.

    So now we have two great versions of Zelenka's last Mass. I do wonder if we'll get the third one soon? I see that Vaclav Luks and his Collegium 1704 will be performing the work late next year, that is very exciting news. Anyway, I must add that now that we've heard Adam's reading with all its attention to detail, I do wish he will continue to give us more of the late Masses. Be sure, I have already made that request to him, on more than one occasion!


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    I just wanted to add my congratulations to the chorus. A miracle of a recording is it, from almost every thinkable point of view. if possible, my admiration for Ensemble Inegal's achievements has increased even more. With an apparent effortlessness that must have required a lot of effort,
    conductor Victora leads us trough choral fugues, choruses, ensemble pieces and arias in an uninterrupted succession of highlights. But among all these triumphs, the collective vocal-instrumental achievement should be regarded as the very greatest. Choruses and choral movements are so enthusiastically performed that one could believe their lives depended on it. When this is combined with the professionality and insight into Zelenka all participants have acquired gradually from years of accumulated experience with the master's intricate musical language, this was destined to become one of the best Jan Dismas zelenka -CDs ever made. If the soloist contributions
    here equal Bernius' legendary CD, the choral movements in my opinion clearly surpass him.
    Of course I feel even more confident than 10 months ago that this was the right occasion to record ZWV 29. Coincidentally (maybe), by juxtaposing ZWVs 29 & 164 on the CD, Ensemble Inegal manages to highlight the stylistical opposites in Zelenka's late works. And finally music lovers in search of the angriest bassoon in the history of baroque music have "Barbara, dira, effera!" (ZWV 164) to refer to. Victora confirms the revelatory experience with the Zelenkisms from "Il Diamante" in 2009, in another paradigmatic performance. Respected experts are again compelled to reevaluate.

    Now I'm just as embarassed by my preconceived ideas not sufficiently based on listening experience (see paragraph below), as Stockigt and Talbot must be over their Zelenkism-commentaries.... Under normal circumstances such musicological opinions would have put ZWVs 164 & 177 last in the line of works considered worthy of attention. But nothing is simply normal with Victora's deep understanding and superior judgement of JDZ's musical language.

    Not only experts, but also amateurs like me must accept Adam Victora's
    superior judgement on Zelenka issues. As someone who generally prefers contraltos singing with their natural voice to countertenors in castrato roles, I had my preestablished attitude challenged by Wessel's heroic performance. Although the soloists were all excellent, he has the lion's share of solo pieces and deserves special mention. Before hearing the CD, I tried to think out how to speak diplomatically about my initial disappointment with the choice of a countertenor. Although I still prefer female altos in general, and although it's unfortunate, as Elwro pointed out earlier, that Kai Wessel
    stumbles straight into the most acrobatic moments of ZWV 164 in the short track sample, the total impression upon having heard everything is different. Close to perfect is his timing in the ensemble pieces, in full understanding of the music's relation to the text. What his vocal instrument inevitably lacks in natural power and virttuosity is more than compensated for by experienced judgement/ use of his voice type's own expressive possibilities. Poetical and tender is Wessel in ZWV 29 - again I'm grateful to E.I. for recording this extra number. It was worth the effort - ,and convincingly angry - like the bassoon - in ZWV 164.
    At the end of the day, the interpretation counts more than the instrument.

    This confession leads me to my final comment: Djdresden is (as always) right about the other "Missae ultimae". Like all major works in music history they need several independent interpretations that shed light on different aspects in them. But regarding JDZ many important works are not yet recorded at all, or inadequately so, while the manuscripts' health condition is getting worse every year (see my 2nd post today).
    Maybe it is the appropriate time to celebrate Janice B. Stockigt, the probably most influential Zelenka expert alive, her impressive scholarship and Zelenka-commitment by recording the middle-period highpoint "Missa Divi Xavieri" (ZWV 12)? Her positive judgement of the then (before 2000) unknown ZWV 155 was also spot-on. In her doctoral thesis she has apparently spent comparatively more time reconstructing and analyzing the ZWV 12 than any other compisition, and it seems that she has worked on it later as well (this is more difficult to know in detail, of course). ZWV 12 is a real musicological challege with a damaged autograph score - TIME ISN'T ON OUR SIDE - and several supplementary sources.
    Whatever Ensemble Inegal decides in the future, one thing is certain, as pointed out in the title: Victora's own judgement has always conquered everyone else's in the end.

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