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    A new concert at the end of this year :

    Christmas Mass of J. D. Zelenka / Missa Nativitatis Domini D major
    Casting: Musica Florea Baroque orchestra, choir, solo singers
    Conductor: Marek Štryncl
    4.12. Jablonec nad Nisou
    7.12. Prague, Church of St. Simon and Juda, Dušní street

    " The next religious Zelenka´s opus Musica Florea has been preparing is Missa Nativitatis Domini in D major. It comes from the middle period of his active years and it has not been yet professionally recorded. "
    ... except by the Marburger Bachchor ? (Genuin GEN 11213)

    As mentioned earlier in this forum, this mass has been previously performed by the Prague Cathedral Choir (

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