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Thread: Tafelmusik to perform Missa Votiva, Oct 14-20/11

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    Default Tafelmusik to perform Missa Votiva, Oct 14-20/11

    ..along with Bach's motet Singet dem Herrn, one of his greatest masterpieces IMO.

    Missa Votiva has really emerged as quite the 'hit' for Zelenka in recent times, what with all these quality performances and recordings.

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    Default Re: Tafelmusik to perform Missa Votiva, Oct 14-20/11

    Hi Derek,

    hopefully this will be recorded by CBC. Can you keep an eye out for this please?


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    Default Re: Tafelmusik to perform Missa Votiva, Oct 14-20/11

    To add to the Canadian performance (and the one in Devon on 1 October), Missa Votiva is being premiered in Asia, according to the website of the National Theater Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan:

    "A collaborated effort between the East and the West, The Night of the Baroque Choral Music will be presented by the Taipei Male Choir, the recent Golden Award winner of the German Harmonie Festival along with Frauen des Dresdener Kammerchores, led by the remarkable German conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann, as well as Dresdner Barockorchester, which will accompany the performance with 17 Baroque period instruments. Programs include German composer Johann Georg Pisendel's Sonata in c Minor, a vivid representation of the delicate Dresden royal court atmosphere, and Czeck composer Jan Dismas Zelenka's Missa Votiva e-Moll ZWV18, a jewel of the Dresden royal court which is finally making its premiere in Asia."

    This amazing concert will take place on 14 October.

    On return to Saxony, the Dresdner Barockorchester will perform Missa Dei Filii twice, in Freiburg and Dresden on 10 and 11 December.

    And Thomas Hengelbrock and Balthasar Neumann Ensemble will also be performing Missa Dei Filii on their anniversary tour:

    Jubiläumstour (III)
    Zelenka: Missa Dei Filii; Bach: Magnificat
    Balthasar-Neumann-Chor und -Ensemble
    Leitung: Thomas Hengelbrock
    24.11. Freiburg, Johanneskirche
    25.11. Düsseldorf, Tonhalle
    26.11. Neumarkt, Reitstadel
    28.11. Berlin, Konzerthaus
    29.11. Lissabon, Gulbenkian Foundation
    01.12. Ludwigsburg, Forum more
    02.12. Dortmund, Konzerthaus
    03.12. Amsterdam, Concertgebouw
    04.12. Zürich, Tonhalle

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    Default Re: Tafelmusik to perform Missa Votiva, Oct 14-20/11

    I am glad to add to the listings above: The mighty Freiburger Barockorchester will be performing Missa Dei Filii in several cities in Europe in December. See: Given that many of FBO's concerts are broadcast, we are likely to be able to hear it.

    And, I've heard that Hengelbrock's Missa Dei Filii concert in Amsterdam will be broadcast live on EPS, the Dutch public broadcaster, likely at

    All these concerts with Zelenka's majestic music – being performed by many of the best orchestras of today – show how far the Zelenka renaissance has come.

    But, according to the website when reviewing the Tafelmusik performance above, Zelenka's "music is rarely heard outside of his Czech homeland.", perhaps because "Bach is “glorious” and where Zelenka doesn’t quite make the grade."

    This reminds me of a review in one of the papers here for a concert in Reykjavik, where one of Zelenka's Trio Sonatas was being played alongside a Bach piece: The difference was that of a Czech Skoda and a Mercedes Benz!

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