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    Default Missa Nativitatis Domini - Musica Florea


    A new concert at the end of this year :

    Christmas Mass of J. D. Zelenka / Missa Nativitatis Domini D major
    Casting: Musica Florea Baroque orchestra, choir, solo singers
    Conductor: Marek Štryncl
    4.12. Jablonec nad Nisou
    7.12. Prague, Church of St. Simon and Juda, Dušní street

    " The next religious Zelenka´s opus Musica Florea has been preparing is Missa Nativitatis Domini in D major. It comes from the middle period of his active years and it has not been yet professionally recorded. "
    ... except by the Marburger Bachchor ? (Genuin GEN 11213)

    As mentioned earlier in this forum, this mass has been previously performed by the Prague Cathedral Choir (

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    This is great news! I hope that they will record it. They made such a good job of ZWV 16 (which is many years ago now).

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    Default Re: Missa Nativitatis Domini - Musica Florea

    As announced above, on December 4 & 7, the mentioned Musica Florea is going to perform two concerts in Prague in connection with their "Missa nativitatis" CD-project.
    Ecco the complete program:Magnificat C dur ZWV 107; Chvalte Boha silného, žalm 150, ZWV 165; Motetto pro Nativitate – O magnum mysterium ZWV 171; Missa Nativitatis Domini ZWV 8.
    Normal procedure is that concert and CD repertoire coincide, although there's no explicit confirmation. The selection's duration is also CD-friendly (+/- 70 min).
    In my opinion Musica Florea made a relevant and well-considered choice of companion pieces here. ZWV 107 is the least known of Zelenka's two surviving Magnificats. The "Motetto pro Nativitate" ZWV 171 will be a premier recording and simultaneously an internal reference to Musica Florea's earlier CD of "Sub olea pacis", as ZWV 171 parodies one of its arias. Psalm 150, ZWV 165 exists only in two old and/or deleted recordings.

    Furthermore, Stryncl's inclusion of ZWV 165 has the following logistical implication: Whereas the Marburger Bachchoir performed ZWV 8 with two trumpets, Musica Florea must have replaced them two with horns, an alternative instrumentation in Zelenka's score. My reasoning is based on the knowledge that the two horn parts for ZWV 165 contain some of his best music for this instrument. So presumably the Missa itself will not only be the two CDs' only overlap, but the versions are going to complement rather than duplicate each other. Fortunately, Marburger Bachchor's ZWV 8 trumpet version is the best Zelenka CD ever by this German pioneer ensemble. Their long-lasting passion for JDZ deserves all the success it can possibly get.

    - Finally, what more can one do than expressing one's heartfelt gratitude for this Zelenka-bonanza we are currently enjoying thanks to all these gifted Czech ensembles? May it last a long, long time still...

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    Default Re: Missa Nativitatis Domini - Musica Florea

    And we shall be able to hear the results soon afterwards – this will be broadcast by MDR Figaro on 18 December, at 19.30:
    EBU Christmas Day - Konzert aus Prag
    Jan Dismas Zelenka: - Magnificat in C, ZWV 107 - Missa Nativitatis Domini, ZWV 8
    Barbora Sojková, Sopran; Sylva Cmugrová, Alt; Jan Ondrejka, Tenor; Tomás Král, Bariton Musica Florea, Leitung: Marek Stryncl (Aufnahme aus der Kirche der Heiligen St. Simon und Juda, Prag).

    Later that evening, at 21.30, the Missa Dei Filii will be broadcast, also as a part of the EBU Christmas Day:
    Johann Sebastian Bach: - Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 1 F-Dur BWV 1046 - Kantate BWV 62 "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland"
    Jan Dismas Zelenka: Missa Dei Filii ZWV 20 Collegium Vocale Gent, Freiburger Barockorchester , Leitung: Marcus Creed (Aufnahme aus der Stuttgarter Liederhalle)

    And the wonderful Missa Nativitatis will also be performed by Robert Hugo's Capella Regia in a proper Christmas Midnight Mass on 24 December in the St. Salvator Church in Prague, starting at 23.55.

    Pretty amazing all this Zelenka activity!!

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