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Thread: Bad News And Good News.

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    Let us take the bad news first: During a detailed and from several points of view interesting interview with Vaclav Luks last December in connection with Collegium 1704's concerts with Bach's Magnificat and Zelenkas second Te Deum (ZWV 146), Luks reveals preoccupying observations about the health condition of some of Jan Dismas Zelenka's autograph manuscripts (see also my 1st post today regarding this). I recommend reading the interview for all details:,0
    The good news are of course all the performance and recording activity currently going on, of which these concerts are major examples. Mr. Luks confirms in another paragraph here that Collegium 1704's recording sessions of all the 27 Responsoria (ZWV 55) was completed in November, for release on Accent before Easter.
    PS! If anyone is curious about world-class performances of Zelenka outside the Czech Republic, I've just uploaded Freiburg baroque Orchestra & Collegium Vocale Ghent's Missa Dei Fili (ZWV 20) concert from 16 December 2011 on my Youtube channel:
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