Dear Zelenka Forum members,

I regret to inform the forum members that the days of the Discover Zelenka website and the Zelenka Forum appear to be numbered. The website searches and general functionality, and also the whole forum, are strongly based on the PHP programming language version 4. Nowadays, PHP5 is used, and the compatibility between the two is not anywhere near 100%.

The website is being run on a server that has supported PHP4 until now, but the owner of the server has announced that PHP4 will not be run after the end of April at the very latest, and possibly it will stop earlier than this.

If anyone has bags of money and can afford to splash out something like $2500 (US) on a programmer's time to bring everything up to date, then the problem might be solved. I don't have that kind of money, so I can see no alternative but to close the shop when the PHP4 functionality ends. I have looked for a sponsor for ten years without much success, and a few weeks is probably not enough time to make a cry for financial help.

No doubt you will want to comment. No doubt there will be some shock horror. But we have almost two months to talk about it and perhaps find a solution, or at least to exchange e-mail addresses so that we don't lose contact with each other.