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Thread: Zelenka Forum active again!

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    Default Zelenka Forum active again!

    Dear Members,

    As you can see, the Zelenka Forum is up and running again. Don't be fooled by the similar look and feel. The forum software is the very latest, and the programming environment and database software are also up to date. In effect, this is a brand-new forum that just happens to have inherited 6 years of posts!

    Many thanks to the nine people who contributed financially - and very generously - to this upgrade (David, Andrew, Roman, Germund-Atle, Johannes, Stian, Leszek, Janice, and Jim). There is money left, which will be used to keep the site online for the next year or two. It will also be used for something completely new, which I will reveal in due course.

    Thanks also to the programming forum member who convinced me at short notice that all was certainly not lost (KingMaximilian).

    Very best wishes, and thanks for all your support.

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    Default Re: Zelenka Forum active again!

    Dear Alistair,
    Wonderful news, and thanks to everyone for such a co-operative effort!!

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    Default Re: Zelenka Forum active again!

    Dear Alistair and all Zelenka friends,

    great to have the Forum up and running again and I hope it will stay here for a very very long time!


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