Ensemble Inegal's brand new website is definitely worth exploring. It contains a wide range of interesting subjects, and Zelenka is the undisputed focus of attention. Finally they have developed a wrapping/ presentation that aims at reflecting the quality of the contents, i.e. the music(al performances).
Under the "News" menu in the coloumn to the left their previously announced Czech performances of "Missa sanctissimae trinitatis" ZWV 17 are confirmed. Among the main soloists tenor Václav Čížek is the only I don't know well from earlier. But he got favourable reviews for his role as S. Pietro in Collegium 1704's Easter performance of Joseph Schuster's oratorio "La passione di Gesů Cristo". Today's Mass performance (3 June) - on Trinity Sunday itself - offers a most welcome surprise in addition! Curious? Have a look to find out what this is: .
By the way, the Czech language version seems more detailed.