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    We are already accustomed to a new recording from Nibiru just before Christmas and this year is no exception. Especially the Motet Gaude Laetare ZWV 168 is the one I am looking forward to. It is a World Premiere Recording accompanied by Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis. Would be interesting to compare the excellent version by Marek Štryncl to this one by Adam Viktora. Order here:


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    It's an excellent record in every way - see my updated survey now on the main website/News [thank you Alistair!] A close run thing as between it and Štryncl's version in my view but ZWV168 is a great addition to anyone's repertoire, as a joyful and tuneful work. It is wonderfully sung by the highly experienced Japanese tenor Makoto Sakurada, a veteran of many recordings of Bach by the Bach Collegium under Suzuki. An indication perhaps of how our composer is now moving towards the baroque mainstream in estimation [never in conformity!], and how the Czech groups themselves are becoming recognised as being of truly international standing [which we always knew!] - Hana Blažikova now sings and records regularly in Japan!


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