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    I just want to point out that the Discover Zelenka database is a rather powerful tool.

    The database can show you all the works that have been recorded. It can show you all the works that have not been recorded. It can even show you, for example, all the masses that have not been recorded.

    If you are an alto looking for something to record, you can discover that there are 6 works for solo alto and that they have all been recorded already at least once. (This does not include movements from masses and from works for the stage, which are not detailed separately in the database).

    Did you know, for example, that currently there are only two works for soprano that have not yet been recorded? ZWV 27 and ZWV 38!

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    Hi, Alistair. You make it sound as though all the Zelenka works have been recorded.

    A quick count from the "Works" search page has shown me that 125 of roughly 250 works written by (or attributed to) Zelenka are still unrecorded.

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