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    Thumbs down Live Recording of Missa Omnium Sanctorum

    The Luks recording of Missa Omnium Sanctorum (ZWV 21) on Premiereopera Italy that David Nelson has described in his review ( is interesting. It was recorded live at a concert performance in Prague in the autumn of 2012. Luks takes the first number (Kyrie eleison) quite slowly, but by and large the tempos are fitting. The alto, Kamila Mazalova, certainly does have an "old-fashioned" voice regarding performance, which might be better suited to a 19th century opera!

    I didn't find the recording quality to be as bad as David suggested; quite OK actually. On the other hand, the "cover" is a plastic pocket containing an amateurish printout of a front page (on HP Invent paper!) with only essential details of the performers on the other side. There are no cover notes whatsoever, and not even the ZWV number of the work. A poor show for an asking price of 14 euros. I wonder whether this issue (can we call it a commercial issue?) is worthy of a place in the Discover Zelenka database of recordings.
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